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In the garden: Boring but exciting

Finally the white clover seed I ordered arrived. (Now I have a box number, so I figured the local Post Office would just put the package in my box instead of putting it out for delivery, but no: Our increasingly crapified Post Office now handles all forwarded mail, even from Maine, at a central facility in Massachusetts, so it can take up to ten days for forwarded mail to arrive at its destination, instead of one. So these seeds are going in the ground ten days late. Thanks, neoliberals!)

Anyhow, clover germinates fast, but there is -- naturally -- a little bit of a lag, even for clover, between the time the seeds hit the ground, and when they sprout. And me being me, I always think "Maybe this time they'll fail." That's the boring part. But then is a great moment when the barest tint of green shows on the ground, so faint my (fading) eyesight barely see it. And on this morning's tour, there it was!

Of course, if any of you out there are real gardeners, instead of dilletantes like me, you're probably still bored.

But I take excitement whereever I can get it!

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