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In the garden: Blushing tomatoes

This is exciting!

I mean, it's exciting for me; other people have bushels and bushels of tomatoes already, but they didn't get my late start. So hopefully, I'll have some tomatoes to eat before the frost ("Winter is coming." I know, I know. But I'm a New Englander and I live in Maine! It comes with the territory; it's probably adapative, in fact.) Maybe this year I'll be able to discipline myself enough to make my own mozzarella; that stuff is expensive! And there's really nothing better than a ripe, warm tomato, fresh off the vine, with some mozzarella and some salt. I'm almost sure we've talked about this before, but as with the standing desk, sometimes things take awhile.

It's also exciting to me that the hugel bed worked, and that planting these tomatoes in a spot with only late afternoon sun worked. A daring maneuver!

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Submitted by Dromaius on

Congratulations! It looks like they'll all at least ripen, meaning you may have to bring some indoors to finish off.

We've just had our first harvest of relatively large tomatoes. Of course, we have a short growing season....

Submitted by lambert on

The main tomato patch is still green, but late August / early September is when we typically get tomatoes anyhow. But I keep crossing my fingers for a nice long Indian summer. I'm from Maine! I know all about short growing seasons!