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In the Garden: Bleeding Heart (liberals)

Unfortunately, such is the devastation of my garden right now that I have to focus tightly. (You can see the famous sand behind them at top left. What you cannot see, because they are not yet in sight, is all the wildflowers coming up, even further to the top and left. Soon! And now that I know that teh year-old seed germinates, I'm going to have a lot more wildflower beds here and there.)

This year, because things are so tight, the garden is more about using only what I already have, and transplanting what's already growing in one place to a place I would prefer it to grow: Violets, Black-Eyed Susans, and I think some herbs when I get rolling. In past years, I got lots of flats of annuals, but now that the hardware store is closed, I can't do that anymore anyhow.

Still, it's a great pleasure to see these Bleeding Heart so happy. And they did it all on their own!

And now I'm going out in the garden to do some more work.

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