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In the garden: Beach roses

I don't care if Rosa Rugosa aren't heirloom and are invasive! They bloom prolifically, smell nice, and the town can't kill them with road salt! (Here we see that roses have the same "body plan" as poppies.)

Here is a very happy pollinator! Greenish, but not a Japanese Beetle. I'd like to think I've killed them off by killing off the lawn where their grubs overwintered. On the other hand, they emerge in early July in Maine, so perhaps I just have to be patient!

And another image of decay...

rose_fading.JPG217.52 KB
rose_bee.JPG205.69 KB
rose_fading.JPG217.52 KB
rose_plan.JPG197.74 KB
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I did something dumb to the lid of the bucket that serves as the tank. Now I have to cut holes in the lid to a new bucket. And I don't have a keyhole saw, and I'm picturing a knife slipping... Though now that I think of it, I bet a steak knife work work as well as a keyhole saw!