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In the garden: Autumn's dull palette

Dull, I suppose, if one's spectrum is over-broad and not subtle enough. Many, many subtle shades of green and brown, as plant matter progresses into soil; and many lovely shapes as stems and leaves bow to the ground and then collapse flat. (Perhaps the tapestry effect I keep mentioning is, er, organic: The plants really are flattening onto a plane, from three -- and four, taking wind and sun into account -- dimensions into two; and the colors really are more sober, in the way that color dyed into fabric can never be as vivid as a jewel or a blossom, which reflect light, or allow light to pass through them.

Less patterned, but more pretty, because we have the pale yellow of the goldenrod (which I don't recall even noticing when the rest of the flowers were blooming in the summer and fall).

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Submitted by mitzi muffin on

Lambert, I really love this series of plant matter photos. I find when I'm out walking that I look at things differently. It's even affecting my sense of "beauty," though I've always liked the beauty of chaos. It also is helping me understand perma, and why it's so important.

I'm not a novice; I've been gardening for decades. I was just doing it differently. And what I was doing wasn't necessarily the best for the soil (although, I didn't us bad stuff, I did disturb the perma more than was necessary).

Yours and Naked Capitalism are my favorite blogs. Thanks, so much!

Submitted by lambert on

I too am looking at things differently, but part of that is the new lenses that Dromaius inspired me to buy.

As I keep saying, I wish I could make these photos wall-sized, but I'd need greater depth of field. I don't accept sharp object of interest, blurry background, because I don't "see things that way." I think foreground and background and focusing attention should be done in some other way, possibly through color and form. But I'm not sure how to express this. Yet. And I don't accept posing.