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In the garden: Autumn is coming

Schnedier 2x tele throughout. This is a weed I should have weeded, since I walked past it every day through the summer, but now it looks pretty by my doorstep, so maybe not....

And here is a squash, not yet ready, because the stem is still green. Because I trained this squash plant up onto a sort of trellis made of bamboo U-hoops and string, the squash shakes in the wind -- which always seems to rise just when I want to take pictures. And speaking of wind-blown:

I thought we had gotten by with no frost last night and the night before, and the tomatoes and peppers haven't blackened, so it looks like we didn't. But judging by the this poppy, we came very, very close; look at the edges of the petals. These poppies are placed so that they have no protection from any wind, especially the prevailing, cold wind from the north.

(The image of the petals isn't quite as crisp as I'd like... But it looks like the spectre of frost has retreated for the nonce, and so I will have second and third chances.)

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