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In the garden: After the thunderstorm (yet again)

This was a quick one that left the parking lot in the shopping center up the road looking like Bangkok in the rainy season, and then dropped six-inch hailstones further up the road!

I know. Too many poppies! But I can't get enough of them. I'd make wall-sized photos of them if I could!

As you can see, many of the poppies have lost their petals and are (I suppose) preparing to go to seed. I hope Johnny's "Shady Mix" delivers, and some new flowers are coming along, behind these poppies!

Not sure how these flower will function qua flower...

Poppy by the back forty, where I planted wildflowers later in the season, and it's not so sunny. This section is just beginning to peak.

Lovely colors but I need deeper focus, for sure....

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