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In the garden: After the thunderstorm (again)

One more from the thunderstorm two days ago.

The theme is a bit hackneyed, I suppose, but the flower is beautiful....

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Submitted by blues on

Yeah we got that thunderstorm in (Wild, Wild Western) Massachusetts. I slept through 90% of it.

Hard to believe you get those awesome flower gardens so far way up North.

You might as well be in Canada.

Submitted by lambert on

I was first thinking of saying, "My garden is really small!" But then I realized it's very dense, even though small. I wish I had a drone I could send around all the beds (vegetable and flower), from the pollinator's perspective. Hmmm....

My gawd -- he said, checking (sigh) Amazon -- I could get a drone for $50! Though I bet one that is slow with a really good lens is more expensive....