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In the garden: After the first snow

Here is a horrible but beautiful image in pale yellow, grey, green, and brown of a left-over cancerous snow blotch, autumn leaves, frost-killed Black-Eyed Susans covered in mold, and grunge thrown to the side by the plows. "Change and decay in all around I see...."

An eye in the snow.

Raspberry canes bent over by the heavy snow now gone.

The same flattening effect of heavy now, but on the wildflowers in the front garden. (This too is a tapestry; I know I keep taking the same picture over and over, but Monet's water lilies, mkay?)

And of course, the squash, now that the frost has sweetened them up. Not bad for the third try on a small patch, and of course I'd already given a lot of them away.

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