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In the garden: Actual peppers!

These peppers are not very large; the sustainable ag geeks have bushels of fully-grown peppers aleady. Nevertheless, there they are! So my anxiety over whether they could get pollinated and grow under the (deer prophylactic) "poor person's row covers" was unfounded, as my anxieties so often are. (You can see a leg of the bamboo U-hoop and a poorly exposed swatch of the non-woven cloth, white, in the background.)

This shot also shows the virtues of sheet mulch -- no weeds! -- as well as what happens where I don't sheet mulch -- weeds in profusion, about which I have taken a rawther relaxed attitude, as you can tell. I rationalize this by telling myself that:

  1. Big weeds mean more compost, and
  2. Big weeds are easier to pull up.

Point 2 is not true for quack grass, however which, worse, is rhizomic. Quack grass is the only weed I truly, truly hate. This is the time of year when I regret being to stingy with foraging for newspapers and purchasing hay; I really should make it a principle to Sheet Mulch Everywhere. I can always throw a layer of dirt on the hay if I want to grow, say, wildflowers.

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