If you have "no place to go," come here!

Import Foreign Workers, Then Screw Them


Congratulations America! We have not only reached full employment, we are so hard up for help we have to import Russian students to work at our greaseburger joints:

Some Russian students in south Alabama under a foreign worker contract are concerned they could become homeless because their promised jobs at a McDonald's in Foley haven't panned out.

The students expected to earn enough during their stay in the United States to pay back the $3,000 it costs to get here, and to travel around the country for the remaining month of their visa.

But 21-year-old Denis Balakin and nine others in the State Department program say they have either been fired from or forced to quit working at the McDonald's in Foley, near the Alabama Gulf Coast.

This program brought to you by those kind, thoughtful, and ever-so-competent folks at Soviet-Union-expertise-flaunting Secretary of State Dr. Condaleeza Rice's shop. Which our pet commentor "Anon" assured us in an earlier bit of "inside info" is infested with "a bunch of overpaid liberal blowhards."

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