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Imperial collapse watch, egg edition

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Avian Flu Egg Shortage Hits Restaurants, Grocery Stores

Clearly our factory farm system is poisoning our food supply. Our elite, political, business, and press is in complete denial. We have become a banana republic.

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Submitted by lambert on

... to "dispose of." I suppose they can make chicken nuggets out of them, or something.

I think we need to start thinking of meat as a condiment.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

@ DC Blogger: Indeed, gourmet poison served at every turn.
I find it very interesting that here in Thailand eggs are sold, not refrigerated. My wife buys fresh eggs and they will sit for days (in our kitchen) before being refrigerated. We're talking 34°-36°c (95°f) and no problem. I let some food sit covered for hours (not refigerated) and no problem. Minestrone soup, bean stews, and pasta sauces (red) go days on the stove-top with just a reheat. I have no idea why they do not spoil, but they don't. Very little of our fresh food is purchased from big retailers (potatoes excepted); but rather at local fresh markets.
Before I left I bought organic, including the small amounts of meat I consume and used farmers markets when available.
Good write and hopefully timely; cheers.