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Is this immunization at work?

Um, did anyone you've read mention impeachment before now, 'cause I haven't heard one word about it until today, when a guest stooge for the Administration makes the threat that if the GOP wins this fall, it's Obama in the dock:

Well, sure, all those things. It's worth pointing out, however, that what's also at stake is the impeachment of Barack Obama. I continue to believe that if Obama sits in the White House for six years with a GOP majority in the House of Representatives that the odds are very good -- better than 50 percent -- that he'll be impeached. Not convicted, of course, but impeached, forcing a Senate trial.

I've been asking for guesses about when the first impeachment resolution will be filed in the House (leave your prediction here). To be fair, I've already been wrong about one thing -- I predicted that Michele Bachmann would have introduced a resolution by now (actually, I predicted April 15). So perhaps I'm just as much of an alarmist as those Republicans who believed that a Pelosi-led House would impeach George W. Bush in 2007. Perhaps! But I don't think so. In fact, impeachment talk moved yesterday from Tea Party rallies to at least one Republican Member of the House, Darrell Issa. And Issa's not an obscure backbencher; he's the ranking Republican on Oversight and Government Reform, and he also sits on the Judiciary Committee.

The kicker? Hasn't the Obama Administration gotten away with doing so little to relieve this recession precisely because it took orders from the same banksters running the GOP? Why would you impeach someone who is not different operationally from Bush? Over Deepwater Horizon? Is Obama testing that bad that they have to pull out this scarecrow, now?

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immediately upon Obama's taking the oath of office, showed me that there was a deal in place.

Obama is no threat to the GOP; in fact, the longer he remains in office, the better they look. The Repubs are taking the long view. They're going to milk that cash cow for as long as they can.

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Because if by some freak chance we ever did get a genuine progressive in the White House, the impeachment process would begin immediately upon their taking the oath of office.

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that Obama is impeached, what lesson will Democrats take from his impeachment?

Oh wait--I know! Impeachment of any and all future Republican presidents, regardless of the number and severity of their war crimes, their crimes against the Constitution, and their crimes against humanity, will be--what's that phrase? Oh right: "off the table."

Count on it.

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It topped the list at Memorandum in the AM a couple of days ago. It didn't last long. Some Republicans were quoted as saying the Sestak incident could lead to impeachable charges. I see a lot of rhetoric tying Obama to Blagojevich coming up in this years campaign ads.