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Immanuel Wallerstein on Egypt

The World Left and Turmoil in Egypt:

Of course there will be some, indeed many, who will argue that these are false choices. One can, and should be, simultaneously against the Islamists, the armies, and the United States. But in practice, there are often moments when one has to choose priorities. So the question remains total.

This debate about the priority enemy is a large part of what explains the relative weakness of left forces in these struggles. They are divided in their analyses. They are therefore divided in their short-term and even middle-term objectives. And worse still, many left individuals and groups seem aware of this, which leads to a creeping pessimism and therefore a creeping withdrawal from militant politics.

The alternative to this self-disabling of the left is to engage in more open and comradely debate within the left. And this can only be done if the left realizes that the world right represents as large a panorama of forces and analyses as the world left. And once again, I say that this comradely debate has to be done within the framework of a world transition from a capitalist system to something else, yet to be determined. If the left loses the bigger battle, it will have first of all itself to blame.

Well said. Let's leave the blame-shifting to Obot loyalists. They're the experts, after all.