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I'm So Mad I Can't Xe Straight

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This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector. – Plato

Back in 2008, I often referenced the quote above to describe just how it was Bush and his evil administration duped the American public into handin’ over their civil liberties on a silver platter. Sure wish it didn’t seem so awfully fittin’ today too.

But what else can I think when I hear of Xe, formerly Blackwater, bein’ awarded an all new whoppin’ $120 million dollar contract to “protect US consulates” in Afghanistan? That same darn “protectin'” that led to tyranny not only in the Middle East, but also right back here at home.

Don't y'all forget, it was that horrific excuse for “protectin'” that led to the death of 17 innocent people in Iraq. Not to mention the countless more we all know were brutally executed daily because they happened to be Brown people.

But of course, it didn’t stop there.

Why stop at mercilessly firin’ at Brown people overseas when you can openly intimidate and tyrannize Black people right here in your own backyard?? I mean, what’s a natural disaster like Katrina good for except steppin’ all over the already downtrodden?

You’d think that in this great nation, we could find another corporation to do business with, if for no other reason than to prove we’re better than this crap… right??

Wrong as tits on a fish.

Instead, we only further insult our own marvelous military and imply that this job is too big for them. As if our lowly-paid, over-worked, under-appreciated soldiers couldn’t possibly “protect US consulates”.

Do people really think these privately-controlled tyrannical organizations could even exist if the government contracts weren’t there to support them? Really? ‘Cause I’d sure think that a lot of those trigger-happy hired Guns would still want to be “out on the battle field” if they weren’t raking in the $100 thousand plus per year. The fact is- a killer will always be a killer.

As I shake my head, I just can’t help but wonder… why exactly it is I keep hearin’ “at least it’s not Bush?”

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But they'll be used on all "races" should we get the recommendations from Peterson's Cat Food Commission and people embrace their outrage at both legacy parties as mutually-reinforcing entities. They might also come in handy protecting the oligarchy/patriarchy/rentiers from the unwashed masses. I would expect a Xe thug to fire on an American civilian at their leisure/O's command before a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

That was the thing about O: My friends voting for him in the primaries/coronation would claim that he was the "peace candidate." I always expressed my incredulity: As long as there's a profit motive in national "security"/"defense," there will never be peace. No matter how much the public turns against an occupation, until they realize the role privatization has played in dictating our "foreign" policy, nothing will change™. O never provided that economic narrative to American invasions/occupations (not to mention, discussed the domestic implications that could/have result[ed]). Instead of talking about Paul Bremer's provisional govt and relating that to what was going on here, it was all "I'm against stupid wars." I just never understood how such a non-argument was accepted as a legitimate argument. The policies emanating from the legacy parties' pols aren't designed simply to be mean for the sake of it; they are all about extraction of rents and accumulation by dispossession. The shock therapy--gulf spill, occupations, budget "crises"--whether explicitly anthropogenic or not, is the means to those ends.