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I'm on the side that the other two sides are trying to suppress

What IOZ said:

I think that when liberals say that the various conservatives teatimers and birthbaggers and nineeleveners and so on would be more convincing in their stand against the coming totalitarianism if they'd managed to evince skepticism during the Bush years is well taken, and I think that the liberal conviction that much of the current madness is driven by displaced anger at their own precarious economic circumstances, catalyzed by racial animus is mostly true. That doesn't mean I think any more highly of liberals, who are water carriers for a president who has willfully and vocally continued the supposedly aberrant, abhorrent policies of the Bush administration, from sops to Wall Street to the black-site global gulag--that is to say that liberals would be more convincing in their stand against the conservative stand against the coming totalitarianism if they weren't defending a president who is tempermentally but not substantively different from his predecessor.


So, is "teatimers" a Terry Pratchett reference?

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because I think Tea Time was very competent, although admittedly he was working for the Auditors. But then I haven't yet read The Hogfather, just seen the BBC production.

The depths to which our whole society is saturated with what Taibbi calls the peasant mentality is depressing.