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I'm pleased to be sure I really can ignore Al Sharpton

Black Agenda Report:

He is now and always has been King Rat. Sharpton has taken money from right wing dirty trickster Roger Stone, helped Newt Gingrich promote public school privatization and declared that it is in the interest of black people to silence themselves and give Barack Obama a pass. ...

When the White House sends Al Sharpton to Ferguson[1], the people there should call him the double dealing snitch that he is and turn their backs on him. After the grand jury verdict is announced, there is only one demand that these three should hear. The Justice Department must prosecute Darren Wilson. Jackson and Sharpton’s presence in Ferguson will be proof of presidential inaction and an attempt to evade and avoid doing anything that might bring justice to black people.

There should be no worry, no anxiety if Darren Wilson, is not indicted. After all, we have a United States Department of Justice, and they have the authority and resources at their disposal to carry out their own prosecution. There shouldn’t be any doubt that the Justice Department will prosecute Wilson except for one very big problem. The Obama Justice Department has never seen fit to carry out a prosecution in cases of police murder.

The police execution of Milton Hall in Saginaw, Michigan was caught on a squad car dashboard camera, and yet the Justice Department declined to prosecute. If there is no federal prosecution of Darren Wilson, the political disaster of the Obama presidency will be made crystal clear. Black people in this country have exulted over Barack Obama since his 2008 campaign and have nothing to show for their unrequited love. Demands went unmade, insults were overlooked, and the result is an escalation of the official violence that black people have always been subjected to.

“The Obama Justice Department has never seen fit to carry out a prosecution in cases of police murder.”

Yes indeed, the White House did indeed send Sharpton to Ferguson. All crooks together. Good to see Sharpton out there last night, calming the crowd....