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I'm guessing this is why Obama likes drones

Lots of good stuff at Fabius Maximus, but this caught my eye:

Summary: We now have enough experience with drone warfare to study its effects. Just as in physics, our actions affect ourselves as well as our targets. Social science research shows that drones are a gateway to moral disengagement dehumanization, and deindividuation. The great distances drones operate over, manipulated by faceless-nameless-lawyeristic-voyeurs, creates an emotional, mental, and physical divide between “us” ( i.e. our government) and the enemies we kill. Drones allow us to dissociate our actions from our values, a useful high-cost and high-tech justification.

Filled with linky goodness.

Oh, unless our values are dehumanization, arguably the case for our stupid and/or evil elite. Then drones would not dissociate, but exemplify.

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For the days when it was bloody and horrifying, and the only ones who took any pleasure in it were mad.

Remember Robert E. Lee's quote? "It is well that war is so terrible- otherwise we would grow too fond of it."

War isn't terrible enough any more, at least not for these drone operators.