If you have "no place to go," come here!

I'm a Cage-Free Liberal Voting Green in November (and not for Obama in 2012)!

Obama and company apparently feel they deserve some appreciation and recognition in their what I can only call "bizarro bubble" perspective. It seems Obamaco is getting ready to blame us on the left for any Dem losses in November.

I say, let us take advantage of this opportunity. If we are marginalized and demonized by them whenever politically convenient, "Let's give them something to talk about!" Let us make our displeasure felt at the voting booth! Though when was the last time any real messages from us on the left actually made the establishment or faux-progressive media radar. To blame us they will have to end their insulting denial of the scope of our existence.

I say again, "Blue Dog Obama Treats Far Left Like a Hydrant." I was chided by some for calling us "far" left. Relatively speaking, I meant. It is not we who have drifted far left, it is Obama and legacy Dems and legacy Repubs who have galloped right. And yet, Obama spins away in indignation, as he continues to self-annoint all his sell-out activities as "historic". Borrows progressive rhetoric to celebrate his destructive, constitution-eroding, regressive leadership.

Glenn Greenwald says it all so well as he responds to a recent quote from Obama:

[Obama] The idea that we've got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining, is just irresponsible. . . . .If we want the kind of country that respects civil rights and civil liberties, we'd better fight in this election.

This may be one of the most audaciously hilarious political statements I've read in quite some time. The Holder Justice Department's record on domestic civil rights enforcement is actually one of the few areas where there has been substantial improvement -- and that's a perfectly legitimate argument to make -- but for Barack Obama to cite "civil liberties" as a reason why Democratic apathy is "just irresponsible," and to claim with a straight face that this election will determine whether we're "the kind of country that respects" them, is so detached from basic reality that I actually had to read this three or four times to make certain I hadn't misunderstood it. To summarize Obama's apparent claim: the Republicans better not win in the midterm election, otherwise we'll have due-process-free and even preventive detention, secret assassinations of U.S. citizens, vastly expanded government surveillance of the Internet, a continuation of Guantanamo, protection of Executive branch crimes through the use of radical secrecy doctrines, escalating punishment for whistleblowers, legal immunity for war crimes, and a massively escalated drone war in Pakistan. That's why, as the President inspirationally warns us: "If we want the kind of country that respects civil liberties, we'd better fight in this election."


What is notable about it is what it reveals substantively. The country is drowning in a severe and worsening unemployment crisis. People are losing their homes by the millions. Income inequality continues to explode while the last vestiges of middle class security continue to erode. The Obama civil liberties record has been nothing short of a disgrace, usually equaling and sometimes surpassing the worst of the Bush/Cheney abuses. We have to stand by and watch the Commander-in-Chief fire one gay service member after the next for their sexual orientation. The major bills touted by Obama supporters were the by-product of the very corporatist/lobbyist dominance which Obama the candidate repeatedly railed against. Rather than take responsibility for any of this, they instead dismiss criticisms and objections as petulant, childish, "irresponsible whining" -- signaling rather clearly that they think they're doing the right thing and that these criticisms are fundamentally unfair.


And it's even more baffling that they seem to believe that insulting their disappointed supporters -- rather than addressing the source of their critiques or, even better, doing something about them -- will generate enthusiasm to go vote.

Thanks, Glenn. More and more I am inspired to vote NOTA (none of the above) in terms of legacy Dems and go for the GREENS!

We've got 5 weeks and then we've got 2 years. We are in a tug of war to get our country, our constitution, our multi-trillion dollar military, bank and insurance bailouts, our pre-rogue criminal international reputation back from the status quo establishments -- both of them -- in power. Someone said recently the Dems as the lesser of two evils sure have gotten more and more evil. Time for their reckoning. We know the Republicans are murdering rabid rat bastards. It is time to call out the Dems as murdering rat bastards. Both are WAR/MONEY parties. Both are beholding to the fabulously wealthy .1% of the country.

I am not going to hold my nose and vote this election for either party that massively BETRAYED the citizenry. Yes, the Republicans are awesome in their cravenness. So are the Dems. Obama and the Dems betrayed. Pointing to the Republicans can't eclipse that. Well, it does for some. But not for those of us seriously paying attention. Obama and the Dems want us to eat sh*t and smile. Obama isn't even bothering to play Lucy and the football this time. He is so smug and arrogant. He thinks we have no place to go. We do, Mr. President. We can go Green. We can go for real reformers. We can't afford to lose more time and liberty from callow pretenders.

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

Just a wonderful, heartfelt expression of why I'm running and so many people are so fed up with the status quo. (And don't forget, instead of going after the war criminals, the FBI is now attacking peace activists! I went to the demo in Detroit, a small group-it WAS cold and rainy, but 35-40 people turned out- and as the news of how our citizens are being treated goes out into the MSM..oh, wait..)

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I was grocery shopping tonight and as I reached out and read the "cage free" label on some of the cartons of eggs I came up with the above title. Then I read a recent column by Greenwald who always does strong cryptic and comprehensive indictments of Obama's failings as Prez and the Dems as betraying ex-protectors of the common good.

I am hoping that the spirit of NOTA(LP)-2G will pick up. "None of the Above (Legacy Parties)-To Greens!" Can we get a nickname that includes NOTA and also Green a bit shorter than that one????

I, too, am concerned at the round up of peace activists. How long will those of us calling out fascism be "cage free", literally?

Most of the country is still in a propaganda "cage". I am listening to the hypocrisy coming from the Democrats. I am awed by the pissy attitude of Obama and his entourage toward us on the left. Profound disrespect. "Punch the hippie strategy!" It is a paraphrasing of the perfect being the enemy of the good one more time.

I watch Keith and Rachel making the case for Obama against those nasty old Republicans. Hawking his health care bill. How can they give his corporate and military cronyism a pass?

Obama is a Blue Dog. A Blue Dog in once again campaign charming and passionate rhetoric clothing. Once again he is giving himself an A apparently for his first two years.

Hubris. Comes from both parties. It's a killer ... literally!

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Submitted by michaelwb on

Let's take it the next step now start to refer to Booman, et. al. as what they really are:

VSS: Veal with Stockholm Syndrome

Seriously, it's the only explanation.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Can I nominate my "Cage-Free Liberal," and (is it lambert's) "opologists" and my new one, "O-possums"?

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Submitted by vastleft on

O-pologist is good, too, but maybe so self-describing it doesn't need a glossary entry?

Speaking for me only, I'm not a fan of terms that dehumanize. Hence O-bot or O- possum wouldn't be my speed.

["Veal pen" is a well-accepted trope, and it's more about treatment than animal characteristics, so it doesn't carry the same baggage for me]

Submitted by libbyliberal on

How is this one? Needs distilling I know.

"Cage Free Liberal" (CFL) or "Free Range Liberal" (FRL) – liberals who (like chickens and other animals the American Humane Association is trying to protect from unnecessary discomfort) are free and feel entitled to exit constraining legacy Democratic party dogma, attitudes and cronyism. They exercise critical thinking. They challenge the status quo thinking of the legacy parties. They roam global, national, and/or local civic/social orbits. They expand and stretch their thinking and feelings. They enjoy, exchange, explore ideas in free and profound critical thought interactions with other cage-free, free range compatriots or challenge those sadly still caged and limited intellectually, morally and socially. They collect into activist communities to promote policies of justice and quality of life and may join and encourage grassroots alternative political parties and movements. They enjoy more proactive, morally, intellectually and politically adventurous activist lives than fellow caged, consciousness-limited, legacy party members.

And Randall Kohn has that excellent HOSS expression, "Hands Off Social Security"! Is his listed? Very catchy!

Submitted by Hugh on

The image is much with me today, but Obama is like Louis XVI berating the Paris mob for not coming to his rescue, against the Paris mob.

I agree too with the characterization of Obama as a Blue Dog. I keep pointing out that Obama's actions can never be squared with his rhetoric, but if you look on him as a Blue Dog status quo corporatist, all those contradictions disappear. You can understand not only what Obama has done but also what he will do.

And again as John Jay Chapman wrote, if an agitator is not reviled, they're a quack. So Obama's anger is an indication that at least some of us progressives are doing our jobs.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

what if the "agitator" is a teabagger?

meh, i've been cage free since 06. not that much to brag about compared to older radicals, but you know, i'm related to dem politicians, and loyalty dies hard in me. but really, i'm mostly this way because i've rejected consumerism. Kabuki is lovely, but it's still Kabuki. it hasn't mattered what i think for a long time, if ever in my life. it's only i've become more aware of the (apologies to Joe Bag.) games that are played so far up there i can't even really see the playing field. the one thing about our coming reality of "Planet of Slums" is that eventually, we'll all mostly live like they do in Brazil. which will feel awful to most americans, but will actually be an improvement to many in other places.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

... though, am confused on how u r being naughty? If I mistake non-party candidate with tea bagger? sorry ... sometimes comments can part my hair. am slow.

fwiw, too, one thing the teabaggers have going for them is the willingness to feel, though locked in anger (in a masculinized patriarchal society that is the only acceptable emotion ... unless you are a woman, that is) ... but at least some passion .. which is what is so confounding with the emotionally paralyzed progressives.

Also, apologies to Joe Bag.?