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Illinois Senate Bill 7

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Fred Klonsky

So, when Senate Bill 7 created a new threshold for strike authorization and limited the right to strike to salary and benefits, it didn’t take being a genius to have predicted a strike in Chicago.

Both sides even say that they are close to an agreement on money issues. But the problem is that if the CTU leadership says okay to the salary and benefits that the board has offered then negotiations are over because the board can refuse to discuss evaluations, job assignments or class size. That’s the law.

The legislature that passed this law is controlled by Democrats, the Governor who signed it is a Democrat. Democrats have become anti-teacher, anti-public education, and anti-union. Please vote for emergent party candidates!

Illinois Green Party Candidates 2012

U.S. Congress
5th Congress – Nancy Wade
12th Congress – Paula Bradshaw

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Karen Roothaan
Dave Ehrlich

County Offices
McHenry County Board – Frank Wedig

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Submitted by a little night ... on

People don't realize the consequences. Workplace things others than wages and benefits MATTER too.

And, I must add, Unions have not been doing enough (or anything!) to reach out to the non-unionized workforce.

I'm starting to wonder if the problem isn't partly the word "labor". Who now identifies as "labor"? Some of the trouble we had unionizing one college I worked at was that some faculty found that label insulting. But what would take its place?

Because, seriously, workers of the world need to unite.

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Like, let's get all Medieval on their asses. At the point where the bourgoisie began to emerge from utter contol by the feudal lords....

Gotta start somewhere.

Right now, it's moving fast and furiously toward a patronage system, both in private businesses and institutions and in the public sphere.