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I'll Have What Cliff Kincaid Is Smoking Please

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Liberals and conservatives have two different ideas of what it is to be a media critic. Liberals often expect accuracy.

Conservatives expect the media to admit the moon is made out of green cheese, Clinton fathered Anna Nicole Smith's baby, and that the ACLU is a plot by Satanists to bring along the new world order replete with black helicopters piloted by UN militia ready to take conservatives to re-education camps. These are not the nice internment camps that Michelle Malkin likes, but ones where you have to "read books", and be tolerant of other people; torture in other words.

Today, conservative media critic Cliff Kincaid takes on that bastion of Marxism that we know as Fox News. Apparently Fox is going wildly socialist with their new hire. He is a famous supporter of Trotsky, Mao, and I believe Stalin too. Let's let Cliff Kincaid of AIM tell you more about this horror that is hitting the studio where Sean Hannity works.

In another indication of its leftward drift, the Fox News Channel has hired liberal former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. as a political commentator and analyst. Ford lost his Tennessee Senate race to Republican Bob Corker last year.

Ford was the recipient of incredibly favorable coverage by Fox News during his Senate campaign. Fox News portrayed Ford as a moderate or even a conservative.

That is right people. Radical liberal Harold Ford is working for Fox News now. Emma Goldman once danced with him at a Playboy party if I recall correctly.

In reality, Harold Ford is a conservative democrat. He has been elected as chair of the DLC, which is a conservative pro business, corporately funded group that has been very supportive of the war in Iraq, as has Ford himself.

Here is radical Marxist Harold Ford cheering on the NJ supreme court for supporting gay civil unions. Can you believe that Fox News hired this guy?

"I do not support the decision today reached by the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding gay marriage. I oppose gay marriage, and have voted twice in Congress to amend the United States Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. This November there's a referendum on the Tennessee ballot to ban same-sex marriage - I am voting for it."

He didn't suggest the gays should be stoned, and be forced to wear pink triangles in that statement. Pinko!

Harold Ford also has been wishy washy on protecting the fetus. Those snowflake babies run from terror every time they hear Harold Ford's name. Harold Ford has a strong 30% rating from NARAL. Apparently he voted against making thinking a bad thing about a pregnant woman a capital offense, so they did give him some love.

He voted for banning late abortions, for banning traveling across state lines to perform an abortion, supports parental notification laws. He doesn't mean it though. He wants to abort all the white babies, except the ones who look like models. I believe he wants to have sex with them.

Thank goodness we have Cliff Kincaid to point out Harold Ford's radical agenda. Our media will be alerted to this news of Fox's leftward tilt, and put Cliff Kinkaid on to balance it accordingly. Wait, I am serious about this point.

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With scat, needless to say.


No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Told him he was high basically.

He responded that I needed to look at Harold Ford's record to see how radical he was.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that I did, and posted the results on the internets.

It will be far more appropriate if Cliff Kincaid renames his activism pursuits as "Audacity in Media." This is because instead of seeking truth for vital issues, he either shies away from them or finds a non-issues to hide beneath.

Thus he never questions why White House budget director, Rob Portman is asking, in the new budget, for another $365 billion over the next few fiscal years. This comes over the $433 billion that's already been spent, a total of nearly $800 billion.

Kincaid never raise his voice what a lot of people are asking about, is this good money going to improve conditions given the current situation in Iraq? Senator Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said the other day: It's doubly shameful because we're trying to restore places like New Orleans and the Gulf Coast here in this country. That's been held up, and this money's being wasted in Iraq. Surprisingly the self-appointed champion of "America's Survival" is found occupied not with what matters most for American but setting up blogs and producing documentaries about a tiny channel thousands of miles away in an Persian Gulf peninsula.

Many wonder if Cliff Kincaid is really about what he claims to be? As the President of America’s Survival his web site warns all and sundry that America is in danger of losing what our ancestors fought and died for. So one would expect he will draw attention to matters that are of vital priority and concern for the protection and well-being of American lives. But he is found silent on most such occasions.

You never find him talk about Joseph E. Stiglitz, a Columbia University professor and Nobel laureate according to whom so many soldiers are being injured that the costs of caring for them over their lifetimes is likely to be $350 billion, or up to twice that, depending on how long the war lasts. The high cost is the result of huge advances in military medicine that have greatly reduced the chances that a soldier injured in Iraq will die. As a result, the ratio of injuries to deaths 16:1 by his estimate is higher than in any other war in U.S. history.

Kincaid never talks the talk and is usually found going waywardly to distant trajectories.

You will love the answers what Armando Iannucci offers for his multi-option quiz:

Those "columnists who, to this day, still bang on about what an amazing difference democracy has made to the lives of normal Iraqis are:

a) Incapable of processing any events in front of their faces. In fact, they're so detached from reality that they can't form any coherent assessment of anything involving people, places, sensory experiences, communicated signals or experiential phenomena of any kind. They're the journalistic equivalent of Helen Keller completely off her face on cider.

b) Reanimated zombies, being the souls of journalists from the time of the Boer War but inserted into the lifeless body of the likes of Melanie Phillips. She may look like Melanie Phillips, she may write like Melanie Phillips but, in fact, she's the ranting thought-pus of a brain-dead Victorian.

Somehow the reference make me think of Cliff Kincid whenever I hear about what Armando Iannucci refers as: "Gullible zeroes with less mental originality in their heads than the contents of a worm's thought-bubble."

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