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Stupid D shills.

NOTE Banned! Pathetic! Of course, Maha also deleted all the the last link I added showing union support [from the airline pilots]. A classic case of the iron law of institutions.


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when you want to you can be a mighty gadfly. I hope to never have your thousand tiny knives digging at my own skin.

You'd make a wonderful back-bencher in Britain's Labour Party, constantly knocking the heads of those young neoliberal Blairites and reacquainting them with the origins of the party they've so thoroughly sullied.

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The Ds need to go the way of the Whigs. And if that post is any indication, they are. So I'm happy.

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Maha/Barbara has been a dick about protest demonstrations for as long as I've been aware of her existence. Something terrible must have happened when she was just a sweet young thing (erm?) getting her protest feet wet with SDS -- if she actually did, which I suspect she didn't. I suspect she stood trembling on the sidelines watching other people get their heads bashed in and ran away screaming and she's never gotten over it.

Everybody does it wrong as far as she's concerned, and I'll bet she was livid at the way those TAs who initially occupied the capitol in Madison weren't properly dressed in suits and ties and clean wash dresses. I'm sure she only got "thrilled" about it when she could ignore the students and could feast her eyes on those dreamy firemen and policemen trooping through to the sounds of bagpipes. Now that's how to do it!

But you're right. They didn't achieve any of their stated objectives, and when St. Russell bowed out of challenging Walker in a recall election, the air went out of the whole effort. It was a failure long before then, though.

#occupywallstreet may ultimately fail, too. So?

The difference, though, is clear. The Wisconsin protests were important, but they were protests for the purpose of holding on to something from the past.

#occupywallstreet is not a protest. It is an effort -- that is quickly turning into a movement -- to build a better future. For all of us. And we get to watch it unfold live (sometimes).

Even SDS didn't develop that far.

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And that is very good, but that is all that is possible. There isn't a blueprint back there that applied here will lead to success.

And on "Mr. Blackwell" aspect, I remember "Clean for Gene." When the tactical adjustment needs to be made, it's going to be made. Relax, already!

Oh, and it strikes me as a strong possibility that most of those clutching their pearls on sartorial matters probably saw the images that upset them so much on the teebee. So there's your problem -- they're watching teebee.

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I really don't understand the concern trolling from other progressives about how Occupy Wall Street needs to have a "cohesive message" or a "set of demands" or a "list of proposed solutions" or wevthefuck. There's a lot to be said for a good, old-fashioned awareness-raising event, and, with 90% (ninety percent!) of USians saying the economy stinks, this protest ain't happening in a void of evident motivation. Making some goddamn noise is as good a place to start as any, and better than most options we've got anymore.