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Ilan Pappe: Israeli Myths and Propaganda

Hat tip, Rangoon78. This really is an awesome video. I have to say that I like the professorial tone; professors are my people....

Granted, over an hour, but you can listen while you do something else, as I did. As usual, I wish there were a transcript.

NOTE It may be that there is no state that does not have the founding myth of populating an empty land, a myth that conceals the slaughter of those who actually lived there; "settlers" captures this false consciousness perfectly. Certainly the United States has such a myth.

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Professor Pappe left Israel shortly after this video was made.
The state of academic freedom in Israel as evidenced in the treatment of Pappe should be a source of concern. The chilling effect of groups like Daniel Pipes 'Campus Watch' is is being felt on American campuses too. in 2005 the British Association of University Teachers voted to boycott Haifa University over its treatment of Pappe.

By the time he left the University of Haifa, he had been condemned in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset; the minister of education had publicly called for him to be sacked; and his pictures had appeared in the country's biggest-selling newspaper at the centre of a target. Next to it, a popular columnist addressed his readers thus: "I'm not telling you to kill this person, but I shouldn't be surprised if someone did."

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Not surprised Ilan had to leave Israel. The last 22 days have well shown the government to be run by despots.
And, what does it say for the U.S. government?