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If you've lost Sally Quinn...

After I read this, I just put my head in my hands for a few minutes. Be sure to read all the way to the end.

Obviously, the only solution to Versailles is to sack it, tear it down, and then salt the earth, as the Romans did to Carthage.

NOTE Via Susie, the Howler on Quinn.

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This one?

According to society sources, Sally invited Hillary to a luncheon when the Clintons came to town in 1993. Sally stocked her guest list with her best buddies and prepared to usher the first lady into the capital's social whirl. Apparently, Hillary didn't accept. Miffed, Sally wrote a catty piece in the Post about Mrs. Clinton. Hillary made sure that Quinn rarely made it into the White House dinners or social events.

In return, Sally started talking trash about Hillary to her buddies, and her animus became a staple of the social scene. "There's just something about her that pisses people off," Quinn is quoted as saying in a New Yorker article about Hillary.

Quinn's antipathy to Hillary became the subject of a New York Observer piece in 1996 that turned the spotlight on Sally, now 56. "No longer a journalistic star, Ms. Quinn seems restless and unsatisfied," wrote Mary Jacoby, "despite her wealth and prominence and her Georgetown mansion with swimming pool and tennis court, not to mention her house in the Hamptons." Wondering about the roots of Quinn's spat with Mrs. Clinton, a younger and more powerful woman, Jacoby wondered if Quinn was "frightened" that her good looks were fading and "bitter because she's no longer on center stage."

Are these clowns so sclerotic that they can't peddle their influence through the WH front door, as lobbyists? They're so low and slimy that they have to hide behind a hostess' skirts?

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But I guess it's an excellent example of how we all see the wide world through our very, very, very narrow little window on it. And how self-important that little window can be. Maybe a psych textbook somewhere can make use of this, in the Pathologies section.

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Painting sleazy DC party-power merchants as the noble natives of "Avatar" is some of the most self-aggrandizing cluelessness I've seen in some time.

IIRC, wasn't there a skit that some Bushies did that depicted themselves as the Rebel Alliance? This is the same utter tone-deafness.

I need to wash my brain out with soap. Industrial-strength soap.

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when the Obama administration first arrived in town Quinn wrote a piece trashing the Obama White House social secretary, as being from Chicago and not from Washington and not having the right connections. Sheesh. Were it my ambition to be the most celebrated hostess in town my first step would have been to write a puff piece about the incoming social secretary.

And Quinn's pretense for speaking for Washington is beyond ridiculous, Even if you define Washington as the part west of Connecticut Ave, even that Obama is and has always been wildly popular.

Quinn lives in Georgetown, ever time she drives down Wisconsin Ave she sees the HUGE Obama poster at Commander Salamander. As she drives down M Street she will see the huge display of Obama books at Barnes and Noble. Indeed Obama bric a brac is to be seen in every part of DC. I mean it is just plain embarrasing to read her drivel.

An invitation to the White House is always the most coveted invitation in Washington. You know what the second most coveted invitation is? Clinton's DC residence.

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-- you're on the side *pillaging* the planet.

Didn't you get the memo?

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JoeinSF wrote:
Didn't this attitude go out of style after the French Revolution?
1/27/2010 7:41:01 PM

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DC welcomes newcomers? The minimum entry-level white collar credential is a masters' degree, and there is no up escalator for members of the working class to break through the ceiling. Few places on the face of the earth are so socially stratified.

I wonder if she realizes she is pure evil?

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We have both Obama and Quinn going "Me Me Me!!

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You just shake your cane at them.

They'll be sorry they didn't like you, or invite you to their fancy parties with their fancy New York and Hollywood friends. They'll be sorry, they're always sorry.


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We'll call it Wisconsin Avenue, and it will star Sally Quinn as Norma Desmond. Some sample lines from the screenplay:

"I am big. It's the presdients that got small.


"Alright, Mr. President: I'm ready for my close-up."