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If You're a California Voter, Please Read

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A teacher friend here in LA, who has spent probably 20 or more years teaching in inner city high schools, sent this email to everyone she knows yesterday, highlighting the importance of voting YES on Proposition 30.

I have never done anything like this before, but I feel like the stakes are so high, I just had to say something.

Please vote yes on Proposition 30.

LA Times columnist George Skelton does a pretty good job of addressing concerns on both sides of the issue here.

Please educate yourself on this very important issue before going to the polls. This goes beyond politics to the future of our young people, and affects not only K12 schools, but the system of higher education in this state. I not only owe my livelihood to the educational system, but I received my education here at community college, Cal State Long Beach, and UC Irvine. It is heartbreaking how starved for money our great institutions of learning have become....We lost half of our staff and class sizes doubled. It's a race to the bottom. Please vote thoughtfully!

I'll second that, if necessary. There is so much money in this state, but it's in the wrong places. We don't need any more 20,000 square foot "Tuscan" mansions. We need some kids who can read, write, and do math.