If you have "no place to go," come here!

If you were really paranoid and cynical...

... you might think CK was never serious about running in the first place. I mean, she sure didn't act like she was.

Gawd, kittens chickens suck. Why don't we tase them?

Just saying.

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Is the thrust of your cite that this was a giant kabuki performance? Emanuel certainly does have this habit of favoring barely disguised right-wingers and putting them in office. So this is what the Obamafia wanted all along?

My head _has_ been spinning about the sudden call for ideological librul purity from the Obama wing of the party. It made no sense juxtaposed with what they've been saying and doing. Gillibrand is cookie-cutter Rahm/Barack, practically a Frankenstein built out of one of his "We're not A and B..." speeches.

"God, gays and guns" really is at the center of a lot of trouble. And since Obama can't get "God" right, what's wrong with a new US senator with the unheard of combo of gays and guns? One can legitimately object to her, but not if you've been bleating about Obama's (and Rahm's) political genius for the past two years.

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You've hit that old nail right on the head!

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A pep talk maybe.

Maybe they can all gather around and make a fire? Sing some songs?

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ALL politicians are "owned" by corporations to a certain extent. Um, bailout? To think that there are many politicians who aren't swayed by corporations to some extent you're lying to yourself.

Also, why does who her father is have anything to do with it? I guess if we are paying for the sins of our fathers I should tell you all that mine is a bigoted uber-right wing republican. (Makes holiday discussions, um, interesting) I guess that makes me.....

The Democratic Party populist? Please. I'm laughing through my tears over here.