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If you live in Philly, don't give any money to the WHYY pledge drive

Because enough already:

It's pledge time again at WHYY because the public radio station fell a few hundred thousand dollars short during its winter membership drive. I won't donate, but I do know where they can find that money they want: WHYY CEO Bill Marrazzo's $538,412 compensation package.

That's per their 2012 990 filing with the IRS. WHYY declined to make more recent information available.

I listen to WHYY every day. But many listeners, myself included, refuse to dip into our measly checking accounts to subsidize a rich man's excessive salary. Here's what is at the heart of things: Rich people have too much money, the rest of us have too little and there are far too few reporters employed in this city.

Exactly. Make it a challenge grant: For every dollar Marrazzo's pay is cut, you'll donate two. It would be nice if he were cut back to, oh, $75K.

"But then he might leave!"

"And your point?"

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...NPR or PBS. And I'll not contribute one baht to support them. They turned me well off back in 1994.

Submitted by Fran on

He says he earns it. But, if he is doing such a great job, then why are pledges so far down?? Oh, maybe because people do not approve of the way their money is being spent!

I like the challenge grant idea.

I listen to WXPN (Penn) and Temple radio in Philadelphia.