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If you gave money to the Democrats, they're thinking about selling your personal information

Pro Publica says to "credit card companies," but how about collection agencies?

Ha ha, you thought you were dealing with a political party, but in fact you were dealing with a data mining operation and quite a sleazy one, too!

Not that I'm foily....

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It's not just if you gave them money, it's if you ever expressed a political opinion to them.

They created a data profile of you, and now they're going to sell it to Target... or other retailers.

But not Walmart. Walmart isn't "creative class" enough.

Much of the data the co-op sells comes from the government and is already part of the public record — information such as voters' names, addresses and party affiliation.

But local Democratic parties also have information about voters' views and preferences collected over many campaign cycles.... Some state Democratic parties have used this raw data to create sophisticated estimates of how likely any voter is to vote for a Democrat, support Barack Obama or have certain opinions, say, on abortion or gun control. ...

Brighton said retailers, for example, might be interested in figuring out if their customers are primarily Democrats or Republicans....