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If You Cook It ($35,000 T-day Dinner) the 1%ers Will Come!


According to Erik Sherman in “Restaurant's Decadent Thanksgiving Feast: $35,000 for 4” The Old Homestead Restaurant on Manhattan’s lower west side offered for Thanksgiving a $35,000 celebration for four people ($8,750 a person). The offer extended was to accommodate 3 groups of four.

By Tuesday two of the three celebration packages had been snapped up. One of the buyers was reported to be from a financial institution in NYC and another an out-of-towner.

The 40-year co-owner of the establishment, Marc Sherry, informed the Daily News: "We know it's over-the-top, but Thanksgiving comes once a year. If you can splurge for this, you have a lot to be thankful for."

Jenn Harris in “ This Thanksgiving dinner package costs $35,000, but it comes with a parade“ also quotes Mr. Sherry: "We kind of wanted to pamper all of the people who could afford it, ... And if they can afford it, God bless them." 

Final Sherry quote from Phillip Guelpa In "The $35,000 Thanksgiving dinner": “What we’ve accomplished is to give the most outrageous, over-the-top Thanksgiving experience for a party of four that we could think up.”

According to Erik Sherman the American Farm Bureau Federation estimates that the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner ($49.51) prepared for 10 people averages out to $5 a head. The Old Homestead was thus offering 12 meals that were 7000 times more expensive. Their alternative and more reasonably priced Thanksgiving day turkey meal was priced at $65 a person.

Here is the 9 course menu for the $35,000 meal deal (okay, “deal” a poor wording choice) as listed in the Daily News per Sherman. All you amateur chefs out there ready to take notes?

- Fois gras soaked in $5,000 a bottle Courvoisier L'Esprit cognac and then stuffed into squab.
- Organic turkey stuffed with seven pounds of ground Japanese Wagyu filet mignon.
- Gravy infused with $1,750 per bottle Chateau Mouton Rothschild.
- Cranberry orange relish with Grand Marnier.
- Butternut squash with black truffles.
- Mashed potatoes with Swedish moose cheese.
- Whipped sweet potatoes with Royal Osetra 000 caviar.
- Poached bourbon-soaked pears with pumpkin paste and a dusting of 24-carat gold flakes.

Jenn Harris adds that the meal also included the most expensive bottle of wine the restaurant had, Champagne and Scotch, and a doggie bag of turkey sandwiches "for late night cravings."


The meal also comes with four prime grandstand seats to the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a $6,000 gift card for a Black Friday shopping spree at Bloomingdale's with door-to-door limousine service, and dancing lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios so you can learn the Turkey Trot.

Sherman offers the Old Homestead props for a couple of years ago when it took a “slightly different tack” for Thanksgiving and provided 200 people whose neighborhoods had been savaged by Hurricane Sandy with free meals.

Phillip Guelpa in “The $35,000 Thanksgiving dinner” does some humanitarian statistical consciousness-raising in his discussion of the excessively expensive, delicious-sounding and defiantly decadent meal.

The contrast between the conspicuous consumption of the city’s super-rich, the highest concentration of such individuals in the world, and the vast majority of the population is mind-boggling.


Some 64,000 people, including 22,000 children, are homeless in New York City, according to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, released by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in November.


In a study released last year, the city’s Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO) reported that more than 20 percent of New York residents live in poverty ...


Some 46 percent of New Yorkers survived on less than 150 percent of the poverty line in 2011. In other words, nearly half of the city’s population was living in or near poverty.


Food banks around the city have reported a dramatic increase in the number of families desperately seeking emergency food aid following last year’s cuts to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps.


New York City residents were deprived of some 56 million meals during an 11-month period as a result of the SNAP cuts, according to research by the Food Bank for New York City (FBNYC).

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Submitted by nippersdad on

but that doesn't even sound like it would taste very good. Maybe they are using the profits to subsidize another meal for 200? That would be nice, taking advantage of the poor taste of some to help lots of others.

Submitted by lambert on

Over-decorated cruft, like gold helmets with plumes.

Butternut squash doesn't need black truffles --- it needs a little salt and maybe some butter!

Wretched, wretched excess. It reminds me of this scene from Dune:

Beside each plate on the long table stood a flagon of water. There was enough water along the table, the Duke estimated, to keep a poor Arrakeen family for more than a year.

Flanking the doorway in which he stood were broad laving basins of ornate yellow and green tile. Each basin had its rack of towels. It was the custom, the housekeeper had explained, for guests as they entered to dip their hands ceremoniously into a basin, slop several cups of water onto the floor, dry their hands on a towel and fling the towel into the growing puddle at the door. After the dinner, beggars gathered outside to get the water squeezings from the towels.

How typical of a Harkonnen fief, the Duke thought. Every degradation of the spirit that can be conceived. He took a deep breath, feeling rage tighten his stomach.

"The custom stops here!" he muttered.