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... you can't say "Fuck the rich." Go read Stirling Newberry. I'll wait. These are bad people.

Oh, you mean things are going to get more "austere" for me than they already are? Good to know.

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A quick review of the US budget graph will show that Corporate Income Tax -8% ($315B), Income Taxes +7% ($1247B), Debt Interest +9% ($261B), GWOT ($145B), Military & DHS +11% ($717B), Budget Deficit ($239B)

67% of Discretionary Spending is Military / National Security.

I have a few suggestions

  • Corporations are not paying their fair share.
  • Iraq costs more than any gov't agency or Dept. other than Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force, DoD). You could fund 1/2 of all US Govt agencies with the money spent in Iraq.