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If you are like most Single Payer supporters...

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I think you'll find the following links are the bomb!

Weiner Amendment || Kucinich Amendment || Public Option || Healthcare Reform || Republican Healthcare Plan || Democratic Healthcare Plan || Doctors on Healthcare Reform || Nurses on Healthcare Reform

Don't be shy to click on them and feel free to copy and paste them everywhere. Nudge, nudge, wink wink... And, ain't it funny what news of the CBO scoring Single Payer can do?

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you are right about things moving directly news broke that HR 676 was going to be scored.

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As soon as the buzz over the Weiner Amendment kicked in across the Blogosphere, I figured we would start to hear "Good News" on the public option. It ain't rocket science that the powers that be would not want Single Payer news winning even in the new media news cycle all on its ownsome.

Just waiting for the likely media blitz if the CBO scores it well:

"!!11!!eleventyone!111! Breaking news! The Senate has agreed on a public option!"

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because my reaction is "fuck the CBO scoring." don't get me wrong, clearly it's making a difference in the sausage making process, but i really wish people (not speaking of anyone here, of course) had the basic cognitive ability to step back and look at the bigger picture.

single payer isn't just a smart idea because it costs less than other things the government could do. at practically every level of analysis, it saves *everyone* money. individuals, businesses large and small, hospitals and health care providers...the list goes on and on. the only people who don't make money off single payer are insurance companies and big pharma.

single payer is the cheapest option and saves the most money. why would anyone argue against that? i know, i know...