If you have "no place to go," come here!

If you are in Florida, please get any Palm Beach County voters you know to vote for Lisa Epstein for Clerk of Court TODAY

Because it's election day, and since the office is uncontested, the light vote in this D primary will determine everything. If you want a foreclosure activist who will sue the banks to get the county back the registration fees they stole in the MERS mess, then vote for Epstein! Bloomberg:

On Aug. 14, voters in Palm Beach will face the question of whether their local county clerk can and should be more than a paper-pusher.

A former oncology nurse, Epstein learned about the paperwork mess [that is, the records the banks faked] when she helped a patient facing foreclosure, she told the Palm Beach Post in 2010. She started a website,, to connect homeowners and began digging through property records and documents to discover where banks were using faulty [forged] paperwork to foreclose on homeowners..... Epstein was one of the housing advocates who helped garner national attention for the issue. “We used to be the wacko fringe; now we’re cutting-edge,” Epstein told the Post. “Finally, my questions are being asked by reporters and attorney generals nationwide.”

Epstein says the county clerk is tasked with maintaining accurate and complete records, so it therefore has the authority to investigate if files are fraudulent. Bock, the incumbent, says the position has limited powers of oversight and has refrained from joining the legal challenges raised in some other counties. “I do not get into lawsuits lightly,” she told the Post.

Ha. "Lightly." Vote for Bock if you want to give the banks a Get Out Of Jail Free card -- and not claw back the money they owe the counties.

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