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If wishes were horses


I'd also like [Obama] to be politically astute enough to use this issue to persuade the public to back real energy and climate change legislation so that we can get off this noxious spigot before it kills us all. I'd like him to stop coddling the financial sector and fight this trumped up deficit crisis rather than enabling it in another Grand Bargain fantasy that will never work politically in the short or long term and protecting those who perpetuate this economic instability. I'd like the administration to be principled on civil liberties period and take a skeptical position with the military.

Well, I think everybody knows what I'd like.

I'd like a PONY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Submitted by mass on

who labeled Bill Clinton the best Republican President. It's not a case of being not astute enough. My Lawd, he was Exelon's guy back in Il. He just doesnt' agree with you on the issues, Digby, and he never did.

It's unbelievable to me how these people keep foisting their own beliefs on the man.

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Submitted by dblhelix on

It's unbelievable to me how these people keep foisting their own beliefs on the man

I guess they need something to hang on to while shouting:

Look over there! Sarah Palin!
Look over there! Blanche Lincoln!
Look over there! Nikki Haley!

b/c remember -- Sarah P forced Obama to abandon his true progressive self with "drill, baby drill." Blanche, bless her heart, thwarted the true progressive Obama agenda by undermining the "public option" while voting for corporate hcr. Nikki will be here soon to do something dastardly to oppose the Real True Obama Agenda, I'm sure.

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Submitted by vastleft on

"I'd also like [Digby] to be politically astute enough" to know that Obama doesn't give a flying fuck about the downsides of legacy energy dependency or any other ill effects of coddling the military-industrial-financial status quo.

Submitted by Anne on

she picked the wrong candidate, because people who were paying attention to Obama's record, to his pattern and to what he was actually saying, knew exactly what kind of president he was going to be.

And now, people like Digby are rhapsodizing about what they want him to be, as if there is some chance of getting him to be something that he never was, and has no interest in being.

This is what happens when you promote and facilitate the election of someone who has virtually nothing at his center, someone for whom the winning is the only thing that matters.

Hey, I'd like to have the winning PowerBall ticket, but sad to say that I think my chances of that are probably better than the chance Obama will ever be anything close to what digby says she wants. That ship, dear digby, sailed a long time ago, and now, about the best you can hope for is that it won't get any worse, because this president is in way over his head, couldn't lead his way out of a paper bag or find his ass with both hands without agonizing over what others thought was the best way to do it; the damage he has done on every major issue tackled so far should make digby and everyone else with a brain put as many obstacles between him and whatever issues remain to make sure he doesn't get a chance to do any more.

I'd bet money that, for all the "disappointment" that is beginning to waft through the blogosphere, these same people will have a mind-eraser treatment heading into the 2012 campaign season, and it will be deja vu all over again.

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to be politically astute enough

When when when will she figure out that her chosen One IS politically astute enough but has elected NOT to do what she wishes he would. And that the reason he doesn't is because his political philosophy is radically different from hers. And he lied about it to her and everyone else.

Will she still be lamenting this question 3 years from now at the end of his term?

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

He made failed conservative ideology cool again when it was at an all time low in popularity. He got Democrats to start working to gut Social Security. He got Democrats to agree that torture was A-OK. He got Democrats to say Fuck You to main street and Fuck Yeah to Wall Street in an unabashed manner. He got Democrats to pass a Republican Health Insurance Industry bailout.

That takes some fucking astute politicizing. Vastleft has it completely right above. Of course, its quite reasonable to suspect that Digby is astute but is providing cover for Obama.