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If we're going to go to war for oil, you'd think we could at least get better gas prices out of it

From the Department of It's a Really Ill Wind...

Yeah, I don't drive, but I'm already chewing my hands over what the heating bill's going to be.

NOTE Henry Kissinger said the war was about oil, and who am I to argue?

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Gas is $4.25. For $17.00, that's 4 gallons, not even a half tank. I remember in October, when I bought my car, which is a good fuel efficient car, I could fill my tank for $25.00.

Oil has gone up 600% since Bush took office.

Stimulus check is gone, fiance has finally found a job(for $8.00/hr, this after making $40,000/yr just 18 months ago). He's considering going back to work for the oil companies, just to make enough money to put in the gas tank :D

I have no faith Obama will be any better, actually have more faith that McCain will be a better administrator(I don't see him appointing Brownie to head FEMA).

It is going to be a very hard 4 years.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

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Submitted by cenobite on

For the people who count $140/bbl is a great price. $200/bbl is even better.

"You made the fires worse!" "Worse? ...or better?"

Submitted by PA_Lady on

In July '07, I signed a contract with my oil company capping my price at $3.09/gal. On Jan. 15th, I exhausted my fuel oil and my fuel oil budget. From that point on, being "warm" was impossible; the average temp inside was about 60 degrees. We managed, but I'm seriously afraid to see what the cap price will be this year, assuming they even offer it. And I'm still paying off the electric bill.

This is going to be a huge problem in so many ways, come the winter months. For those families that do qualify for LIHEAP, the average payment ($300 in PA) will not be enough to cover the minimum delivery requirement most fuel oil and LP companies have, nor even a month's worth of heat for them or natural gas customers. For those who don't qualify, utility companies in PA are allowed to shut you off even in the winter months with some exceptions (medical reasons, low income, etc).

So, we're also going to see a large jump in deaths from freezing as well as from carbon monoxide poisoning or fires as huge numbers of desperate people take increasingly desperate measures.

I have no faith in either candidate's ability to prevent or fix this because neither seems particularly interested in helping anyone except themselves and their donors.