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Will Wal-Mart leave us alone?

How about if we go back go dissing unions as "special interests"?

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that even if Walmart does better on some issues (like the environment), it still sucks on labor.

I'd be interested in seeing a study on whether Walmart has spent more fighting unions than unions would cost.

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I don't know if you've seen the doc Greenwald did on Wal-Mart, but they had a big segment on how Walmart isn't really that good on the environment(locally).

They leave their garden center fertilizers in the parking lot, with no cover, so they get rained on. Then the chems go into the runover and get drained into protected lakes and creeks, then they refuse to do anything about it.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

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Can't say I'm surprised. Walmart is all about the money. When it's about how the customers spend their money, Walmart is happy to go green. When it's about saving themselves money - through efficiency - Walmart is happy to go green. If it costs them money, like cleaning up fertilizer, then that's just a crazy radical idea.