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If We Officially Pledge NOT to Vote UNTIL Dems End Wars, Torture, Exec. Assass. & Restore Habeas Corpus?



I mean, many of us are privately vowing NOT to vote, anyway. Why don't we make it clean and loud. AND MAKE A FEW THINGS CLEAR. THIS IS WHAT WE DEMAND!!!!! An end to lawless insanity!!!!

Why don't we really let the Prez and Dem Party know that as a BLOCK we will NOT vote unless our will is heeded by those supposedly representing us. Not listening to us. Why don't we make it a sign-up arrangement? A movement!!!! How many are against the war in this country? Between 60-70% iirc. HELLLLOOOOO???????

Let's frame this differently, why don't we. It is Obama's choice and Congress' to be Republican Lite. We know it. They know it. We vote for them we are enabling their rat bastard behavior. We don't say anything and watch them take country down more garden paths a/k/a hells, shred more of the constitution, we feel like sh*t and they go through surprise in their bubble when it is way too late, Gibbs throws a tantrum that Obama's BRAND is not enough for us and we're all screwed anyway. Sarah's ilk is in charge.

Let's give the rat bastard press another chance to try to IGNORE this movement!!!!! Movement? We have to move to be a movement. So let's make OUR MOVE!!!! I know I am tired of being hostage to the not that much lesser of two evils.

The Dem Establishment thinks when we get into the voting booths (out of Repub. fear) we will go for rat bastards rather than RABID rat bastards.

Let's demand they stop being RAT BASTARDS. Let's call their rat bastard bluff.

I am always asking for company wearing my black arm band. But why don't we get people to pledge to wear a black arm band to mourn the death of democracy from now until the elections as we make our pledge and collect our signatures?

Why don't we show Tea Partiers et al. what REAL passion is.

Come on. We have the "Proud to be A**holes" energy of the Repubs. vs. the Grand Canyon of an enthusiasm gap of "Dems-and-ex-Dems-and-Independents-and-Greens" with Conscience. And then we have a lot of morally lobotomized pod people in between. I say let's go on the record being people of conscience as opposed to the insaniac tools of oligarchs and the pods! Let us UNITE and be PROACTIVE IN DEMANDING!!!

I know I am "mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any more!"

A government of, for and by the people? Let's demand it. Now.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

It's funny - every time I make it clear that I no longer plan on voting I get yelled at and told that I must vote - just vote green or use a write-in (I always feel that some time closer to the elections I will be told that I simply must vote for the lesser of the two legacy party evils and they hope I will obey their masters and vote Dem).

I'll be happy to do anything to make my tiny voice heard - somewhere....anywhere. But I know one thing I will never never never ever do again: vote for a legacy party candidate.

Submitted by lambert on

So, that said, the problem with not voting is that it's almost impossible to get that into the narrative -- because the "unvotes" on purpose can't be distinguished from "voter apathy," which is the well-worn narrative that would be used.

That's why, IMNSHO, NOTA is superior. Only that which is counted goes on the teebee on election night. Vote for neither legacy party, even if it comes down to a spoiled ballot.

Although, in "let's put on a show" mode, it would be fun to find out some warehouse the old mechanical voting machines are kept in, and set up an alternative voting location (and ballot). That might garner some coverage, and the DIY mechanical hackers and makers would probably love the machine....

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

Now, from that seed of an idea, let's go with it. VastLeft....I need a bumper sticker and a T-shirt.

I am not computer literate (as you well know) we need a place for people to go and sign up and get moving?

Let's do something!!!!!

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Submitted by vastydeep on

...and I can provide that website.

I think with the Teabagger's success last night we are seeing the rise of a Sorcerer's Apprentice that would make Goethe proud. The Tea Party was probably originally imagined as just a recruiting tool to generate some turnout for a broken Republican party in a dull off-year election. Looks like last night things got a bit out of hand...

This is the "Stage 2" that Sara Robinson writes about in "Fascist America: Are We There Yet?" -- "informal goon squads organized to intimidate (farm)workers on behalf of large (land)owners." Nothing new here -- Koch brothers backing shouldn't surprise anybody.

We are now at the tipping point, as the rump Republican party tries to find partnership with "the emerging homegrown brownshirt horde." It's remarkable just how unaware the Obama administration is about just how much desperation people (NOT on "the Vineyard" where BO vacationed) are feeling. Ross Perot was right, and the giant sucking is now complete. The manufacturing middle-class job base is gone, so it doesn't matter how much "stimulus" is provided -- you can't get demand rolling when nobody sees maunfacturing--UAW-middle-class-type jobs anywhere in their future. The bubbles we've seen (Internet, Stock Market, Housing) have been just an ongoing form of stimulus, and they're all played out now. Thanks Rahm...

So how to solve this? Goethe provides the answer -- the old sorcerer and sorcery must return. We have to start with fundamentals, and the note here is perfect: end the wars and torture and restore habeus corpus. No votes otherwise. To start with that's the WHOLE PLATFORM. Then work our way out until we recognize the governance that Schoolhouse Rock once taught once again.

Times will be tough -- the banking system is still busted is will remain one black swan away from complete collapse for years ahead. We have a great munitions industry but we don't have a manufacturing industrial base anymore. We really need a different path, and clearly neither the R's nor D's represent anyone but the Vineyard crowd anymore.

We are NOT apathetic. "Withdrawl in disgust is not the same as apathy." NOTA and fundamentals for democracy. Where do we get started?

Submitted by lambert on


1. Medicare For All.
2. End The Wars.
3. Soak The Rich.

Sums it up.

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Submitted by basement angel on

they know that they've fucked up. The advantage to not voting is that no one can accuse you of secretly supporting some candidate that you didn't support. I am so grateful that I skipped the November 08 election entirely. Had I shown up and voted, I would have been endlessly accused of having voted for McCain whom I would no more vote for than Obama.

They already know Dems aren't planning to vote because Dems don't like what O&Co have done. They have the voting lists. They're calling people who voted for him in 08 and hearing the bad news. They're calling the people who voted for Hillary in the primary and hearing the even worse news - middle aged women don't like him and don't like anything the Democrats have done. They'll know exactly what's going on when normal voters don't show up at the polls.

That being said, NOTA and voting Green delivers the same necessary message. Work it out however you must.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I know I am not voting legacy DEM party -- how would that be? -- until they commit seriously, no more Lucy and the footballs, to giving us our democracy back. The basics in my title to begin with, though there have been so many assaults and outrages.

We have banana-republic elections. What do they mean?

For God's sake, Obama is giving speech kudos to W!!! Do we wait around until W gets the Nobel Peace Prize, too???

We are dealing with addicts in power. And hapless co-addicts locked in no-win enmeshment. The secret is not in winning. You can't "win" in the addict's game. You can only win by not playing the addict/coaddict crazymaking game of let's ALL sink into the quicksand (ever see War of the Roses?) ... NOT ENABLING. The forest is on fire (the planet!) These guys are peeing on trees claiming territory and ignoring it. When they are causing it. "We had to destroy the planet to save it! (yeah, for themselves and their twisted egos -- for power and greed).

Tea Party people are saying they are voting out of principle and feelings. Yeah, irrational bigotry and paranoia.

Why don't we take our stand out of principle and honor our FEELINGS. So tired of amoral, wimpy, pragmatic whining and parsing and begging for crumbs from a leadership that has disrespected us royally from the get-go. And a scummy press that has locked us out and will continue to or demonize us or further patronize henceforth. Fasten your seat belts.

We go on record. We take a stand. We draw our line in the sand.

I don't have the engineering to organize pledges but many sites do. I am planting this seed in corrente's and other web gardens.

It will be a bumpy ride for us maybe with peers who don't get it, but look at the hell it has been for all who have died under the insanity, all the human beings! Tea partiers and more -- their scope of empathy can't embrace ALL humans. How many of us can and will say it out loud and walk tall that we do.

If I'm going down in a sad, self- and other-destructive history of the US, let me not be a "Good German." Let me not have enabled kabuki bull-sh*t in our government as well as genocide and the vast promotion of human misery for everyone besides the elites.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

other than a musical group and the Nebraska Occupational Therapy Association...did not find any political site by that name.

So, how do we congregate under NOTA....I would love Corrente to do it but understand if that's not possible. But I still want to scream NOTA from the rooftops.

Submitted by lambert on

I'll write a post on the group tools tonight. Basic idea is to be able to create a group with posts that can be visible only to the group, an email list for the group, events for the group, and so on. You can keep some private, or keep some public, depending. And there is also a way to put private information up without exposing it to Google.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

would like to maybe do NOTA ("none of the above") posts within the main thread, too? Talk it up? Am brainstorming with coyote on this.

So many of us wanting to STAND UP as surviving and proactive people of conscience fighting the betrayal of legacy party not helpless victims of them! Survivors not victims!!! Able to say WHAT WE WANT and don't be surprised and blaming of us in November you betraying legacy party. You had your chance to have ethics and stand by real values. But such wimping out!!!! Agggghhhh. And subscription to war party. A lot of anti-war people out there and angry healthcare people. Women's issues so mowed down. The economics mess, too. Let's get under one official, grass roots, alternate media promoting, biting back TENT?????