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If Soros is funding HCAN't...

... he should take away their money. Letsgetitdone writes:

In my other life, in the field of Knowledge Management, I sometimes work on the idea of reflexivity, a favorite notion of George Soros’s, and also on complex systems, a field having to do with the rise, maintenance, and fall of various types of systems, including human organizations of various kinds. Both of these notions are closely related to the idea that to some degree at least we make our own realities, or, as some in systems theory put it, we constantly "bring forth our world."

One of the things we mean by this, is that, to some degree, and especially in social contexts, we and others help to make our own reality. Social reality is not given to us, so much as we contribute to making it ourselves. In turn, this means that our futures are not pre-determined for us, and that, in particular, there is no pre-set future social reality, but rather there is only the reality that we, in concert with our fellow humans, make.

Now, getting back to the thinking pattern of a lot of progressives in the Winter and Spring quarters of 2009, we can see that they decided that a social reality in which Medicare for All was feasible by the Summer or Fall of 2009 would never occur, and as a result of that prediction, they decided not to advocate for it anymore in this round of reform, but to advocate, in just as determined a way, for Public Option-based legislation, because they thought that it was the best that progressives could possibly hope for in the short run, and, many of them, thought, it might lead to single-payer over 5 – 10 years anyway. They set about creating, in other words, a social reality of reform with a robust PO.

They may well have been right about their prediction of the fate of Medicare for All, but I think they made a mistake when they concluded, further, that just because Medicare for All was unlikely to happen in the short run, they ought to give up pushing for it, and instead concentrate their political activity on pushing for a “robust” PO. I think this because, in deciding to take Medicare for All off the table, and working for a PO instead, they have brought forth a world in which the robust PO that was their pre-compromise position proved hard to communicate, became the left wing of the political spectrum of recognized possibilities, and the focus of attacks from the insurance industry, and so gave way in the legislative/lobbying process to what is likely to be at best a reform with a very, very weak PO, or even a “trigger,” that they must really bite their tongues to continue to support.

Read the whole thing; it's a comprehensive critique of the suckitude of "progressive" access bloggers on both policy and politics. Paid HCAN't shill Jason Rosenbaum's slackly reasoned comments are especially tasty.

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Submitted by okanogen on

I don't mean that sarcastically. Fantastic post and the comments are really a must read.

Submitted by lambert on

At least insofar as the analytical tools are concerned, and yes, the comments are great.

I believe, however, that I exracted a key actionable item ... ;-)

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I always assumed that they were funded by AHIP to kill any chance of real reform.

Submitted by regulararmyfool on

Paranoia is one of my minor diagnoses. That said, I can and do see patterns faster than other people.

In the last 4 to 5 years, there has been a complete change in the concern trolls. They have learned how to spell, they can form complete sentences and lately they can formulate paragraphs in a coherent pattern.

In the same period of time, the veracity of the mainstream media has become a complete belly laugh. It reminds me so much of reading Pravda and Izvestia in the late 1960s. There is just enough that slips through that you have a clue that there is a real battle going on that is not being discussed publicly, you just don't know what the fight is about.

For the past 3 years, I have gotten all of my information from the Internet. If something didn't quite fit together, I could search and find out where the crap was coming from.

(If you want to follow how this works, follow the threads that magically developed about the care standards at the Veterans Administration being so great. If you follow any of the threads back you eventually find a bunch of "consultants" in Michigan or Minnesota who do not have a single medical person on staff. They know absolutely nothing about health issues. Their main dollar generator is stamping approved on anything put in front of them. They "consult" with governments and for a large payment for no work, they state that x city is the best run city in the world.)

Lately, something will flash across the internet and just as it reaches the boiling point where the MSM propaganda machine has to say something about it, there will come an attack of "that is just not true, the truth is xxxxxxx," the problem is that so many of the "that is just not true items" are almost identically constructed and reference obscure items that every one can find, but that in fact do not have enough substance to attract the number of people who are quoting it. The equivalent in print publishing would be a monthly magazine for gardeners in Mississippi being suddenly read by all of the major news organizations at the same time, just in time to refute what the flash was about.

Now, you can wiggle and dance and pee down your leg, label me as a conspiracy nut, but you really should check out "Operation Mockingbird" and the Church committee report from the 1970s. There is an organized and well funded attack on the Internet in place and working. The gibbering idiots that were trolls four or five years ago have been replaced by Ivy League PhDs in Literature.

What the right wing used to call the "fellow travelers" when they were disparaging someone who was a liberal, is now the person that is fully in favor of giving up just a little to get a truly shitty health care reform to the point that there is no health care reform. Anyone that you see on the net that speaks approvingly of this emasculated joke of a bill or wastes time counting how many fucking Liebermans can dance on the head of a pin is a fellow traveler.

Health care reform is single payer. Only single payer. Anyone who cannot understand that must be ridiculed and humiliated until they shut up.

Single payer is health care reform. Anything else is a shovel full of shit.