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If Romney becomes president, here's what will drive me crazy.

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I'll spend the next 4 years saying or thinking "and NOW you're upset about it??!?" to every whining Democratic complaint about the WH administration. Because I know the biggest objections will be to things Obama is currently doing.

The good thing is, at least those objections will see the light of day. Whereas now, it's all ok because Obama is doing it.


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I'm a bit conflicted regarding whether or not the Democratic Party, especially the Leadership, would respond favorably to any "pushback" from the left, if Romney is elected (the chance is pretty slim, I suspect).

I'm inclined to think that they wouldn't. I've felt that way since Nancy Pelosi endorsed Bowles-Simpson this spring.

Here's the excerpt and link to The Hill piece.

Pelosi flips, backs Bowles-Simpson plan she had called ‘simply unacceptable’
[By Mike Lillis and Erik Wasson - 03/29/12 01:01 PM ET]

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday threw her support behind the sweeping budget proposal crafted by President Obama's fiscal commission, a plan she once deemed "simply unacceptable."