If you have "no place to go," come here!

If only we were in an Administration where this would be funny....

I wonder if they really don't see how the side they're on helps Rove and his gang more than anyone presently under the bus....

From: KR

To: All Internet Operatives and Interns

Re: Internet Operations -- For Immediate and Aggressive Implementation


Hello Gang,

You've all been working hard, and it's paying off. Obama's numbers are plummeting as I type this. Congratulations all around. But we can't afford to be complacent now.


3. Push primary challenge. Push third party. Push Green. Push Socialist. Push write-in voting. Push non-voting to "send a message."

4. Effective memes/talking points:

"Obama is a DINO."
"Obama is no different than a Republican."
"Obama has sold us out."
"It feels good to vote your conscience."
"It feels good to stick to your principles."
"Don't be trapped into voting for the lesser of two evils."
"We need to punish Obama and the Democrats by not voting."
"We'd be better off with a Republican in the White House."
"Obama is a war-mongering, torturing, corporatist shill."

Of course, I'm rewarding DK with attention, so the best thing to do is to keep our eyes on the issues, not the diversions....

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Sorry, I'm relatively new here. What/who is KR?

Oh? Karl Rove?

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that is just another enforcer diary to try to persuade people that criticizing Obama only helps Republicans. Just another effort to shut down internal debate.

it is funny watching the recommended list these days. Half are diaries to the effect that Obama is weak and caving and the others are STFU and support Obama. There was even one which had Obama is a Trojan horse in the headline. The fact that the OFB feels the need to keep coming up with enforcer diaries is a sign of the seriousness of the melt down.

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I can't tell if these KR points are supposed to be real or hypothetical? But, either way, even Karl Rove could be correct now and then... though why any sane individual wants to spend time in the left sphere on him is beyond me. If the diarist wants to trump up fear... they should save these posts for Halloween. One major reason the Correntesphere keeps me coming back is they fall for this and other tea drivel least among the so called left blogosphere. Furthermore, with that break less and less time is spent mired in O (Third Way) Clinton (DLC) lose lose battles. This si slowly happening, but the liberation which comes with this breakaway is a pleasure to both experience and watch develop.

O and the D's didn't listen to the Coakley effect.. I suspect '12 D voter turnout will be dismal, as it should be.. and that a few more will wake up to the fact it is better to voice oneself in a third party box or not show at all rather than cheer their own demise with the D party.

One thing is clear, whether the D's, such as they are, or R's take election day... we all lose.