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If only the Czar knew!

This is just sad:

Speaking at a CBC jobs fair in Detroit, [Rep. Maxine Waters] urged the audience to “unleash” black elected officials from the unwritten rule of not openly criticizing the president.

“It was the women in the audience who were angry, and they were insistent that we do something, that we talk to the president, that we get the president to understand what was happening to them,” she said, recalling the incident during an interview in her, adding that she saw widespread discontent in the cities she visited. “It was a moment where I felt that we had to stop shoving it under the rug.”

This reminds me of my talk with the White House comment line operator. Seriously, why do these poor women imagine that Obama does not know?

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Submitted by Valhalla on

depiction of what they were mad about. She's been more vocal than some about criticizing Obama, but still (as VL might say) in the shallow end. And that whole his intentions are good zombie meme is still pretty alive and kicking as part of the required obeisance.

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I was going to say that pathetic might be the more appropriate word than sad, but cynical would probably be even better. I mean you have Obama pretending for the rubes that he gives a shit about them and then Waters pretending that the CBC needs permission to be unleashed not to oppose Obama but explain matters to him.

It's like the Emperor's New Clothes. Only instead of the little boy who says the emperor is naked, we have Waters wanting to be unleashed to tell Obama that the buttons on his new clothes don't go with the material. It's kabuki heaped on kabuki.