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If Obama calls Kanye West a "jackass," West is probably worth paying attention to

Because last I checked, there weren't many rappers blowing kids to red mist with drone strikes, or shooting US citizens because, well, just because. So herewith:

So, "young folks"...

Any nuances to share, here? I confess I got off the popular music train just before rap became dominant, missing, for example, Public Enemy. Kanye We"American Mozart."st doesn't remind me of a lot of Public Enemy, however...

NOTE From the potted bio in Wikipedia West was, among other things, an English major, striking a blow for the humanities (and against neo-liberal weasels who think universities should all be vocational-technical schools). The Obama quote is from a long article in this month's Atlantic called "American Mozart." Well, maybe.

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I love the fact that the policeman between his brain and his mouth is frequently at the donut shop, even though I think he was out if line when he harshed Taylor Swift's mellow. (she got even with 'Mean', so, you knw, the girl can take care of herself). But sometimes, Kane says stuff the rest of us are thinking.
Plus, the dude is a genuine musician and can be downright amazing on occasion.

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I don't necessarily think Bush is racist, but he does hate poor people, and there are many poor people of color. So in that sense, George Bush doesn't care about black people.

And good on him for getting under Bush's skin so thoroughly.