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If MoveOn had any good effect at all, you'd expect the right to try and defund it

But they're not. So what does that tell you? Brain Sonnenstein has quite the takedown of these useful idiots:

There is a troubling pattern to the efforts of some of the most visible, well-known advocacy groups on the left that seem, time and time again, to actually empower our opponents rather than empower our movement. When MoveOn and DFA failed to rally to the side of Occupy when they needed them most, they gave a pass to local governments to crack down and devastated the veracity of the movement itself at a time when it could have really dealt a blow to Wall Street. When the MoveOn coalition failed to follow through on their calls for justice for Wall Street crimes after the formation of the RMBS working group, it gave the public the false impression of progress while allowing Wall Street criminals to continue about their business.

Coincidence? You be the judge:

The pattern goes something like this:

1. MoveOn comes out swinging at Wall Street, latches on to the emotions of the moment and pulls everyone into a big ‘progressive’ campaign with a coalition made of groups either affiliated with MoveOn or with other (Veal Pen) groups with close ties to the administration.

2. Then there is a moment of mass potential. Whether it’s the crackdowns at the height of the Occupy movement or the announcement of the RMBS working group, this moment attracts substantial press and public attention.

3. The next step should be to leverage the energy of that moment to continue to push for real change in the face of adversity: defend Occupy, or use your considerably large base of activists to urge the government to prosecute Wall Street criminals. But instead, MoveOn et al declare victory in the boldest terms and recede into the background. The coalition is not effectively activated. Everyone feels accomplished, and they should because they just managed to further cement the status quo.

4. Our opponents on Wall Street and in government seize on these opportunities as any shrewd actor would, recognizing that the public’s leverage has been squandered. With the campaign over, they can proceed apace with their agenda. Occupy camps were destroyed and MoveOn was nowhere to be found. Eric Schneiderman didn’t even so much as get a separate phone line for the RMBS working group, and continues to spoil what little remaining chances are left for Wall Street prosecution, and MoveOn is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, settlements with Wall Street criminals abound and Americans suffer. Aside from the recent lawsuit announced against S&P, which seems promising for now, not a single Wall Street executive has been jailed for their role in the financial crisis. The least MoveOn and their partners could do is send out an email.

The MoveOn, if it had a shred of intellectual honesty or dignity, would vote itself out of existence.

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Submitted by goldberry on

Um, I honestly didn't want move on glomming onto occupy Wall Street. It would have been much more effective if church groups and more families had turned out and left move on in the cold. What we needed was an influx of regular non-political people.

Submitted by lambert on

That would have been horrible. As it was, they hijacked the 99% meme and then used it for email fundraising and useless petition drives. Oh well...

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Submitted by smott999 on

that I buy this:
"When MoveOn and DFA failed to rally to the side of Occupy when they needed them most, they gave a pass to local governments to crack down "

I sincerely doubt that local govt forces were simply waiting for MoveOn et al to fail in any way, or had any care about what those organizations might/might not do.

The crackdown on Occupy seemed enormously coordinated city to city, from the highest levels of the WH, with highly trained security forces.

I have a tough time believing that Obama and the mayors and police chiefs and SWAT goons gave 1 rat's turd about MoveOn or DFA....

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Submitted by smott999 on

Occupy struck me as a different animal went after the very heart of the corruption, and after Obama's overlords.

I'm not sure we can make the comparison to gays, Hispanics et al.

Occupy was a wholly different threat. It had to be crushed.