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If George McGovern Ran Today

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according to what he was saying earlier this year, here is what his campaign points would be:
1. Comprehensive health care for every citizen. He'd have Congress declare that Medicare be extended from birth to 5 yrs old first, then 2 years later, add the 6-18 yr olds, then 2 years later the 19-35, then the 36-64 yr olds until everyone is covered.

2. Build the fastest, safest, cleanest, & most comfortable passenger trains for the US.

3. Provide government paid higher educaton for all qualified American students.

4. Within 6 months, systematically withdraw every soldier from Iraq.

5. Reduce Pentagon arms spending by 5% annually over the next 10 years.

6. Establish a national energy policy based on conservation & alternative sources of energy. Make Al Gore the energy czar.

7. Cancel the remaining tax cuts for high end individuals.

8. Prohibit any individual/corporation/union/private entity from contributing to Federal elections.

9. Work for a balanced budget & future reductions in our national debt.

10. Uphold the Constitution!

Hard to argue with the points, although I might reorder them.

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