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If Elected ...

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the AP pulls out their crystal balls--

If Elected ... How Would a President Obama Govern?

"For all Barack Obama's talk about change, there are signs that in style -- if not substance -- a new White House under Democrat Obama would operate much like the current one under President Bush. ..."

If Elected ... How Would a President McCain Govern?

"A rabble-rouser from his earliest days, John McCain has never been one who likes to be told ''no.'' There's no reason to think a President McCain would be any different. ..."

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Much of this is deliberate spin to persuade us to give up before we have begun. AP doesn't know anymore than we do.

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Submitted by Ghost of Joe LI... on

Professional Journalists™ use crystal balls because that's all they've got left -- the "balls" they came into the world with, if they ever had any, are long gone.

Goes double for the AP, and fourple when they don't have the balls to byline their pulled-it-out-of-a-hat conjectural crap. "Hacktacular" would be too generous.

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