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If Bush is going to ally the US with with the Iraqi Sunnis, why did we go to war in the first place?

I'm just not sure what the relevant cliche is, for this story. The mind reels. Possibly, If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Possibly, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or possibly, with Shakespeare, What a piece of work is man... Reuters:

U.S. and Iraqi officials are in contact with representatives of some Sunni Arab insurgent groups to build an alliance against al Qaeda in Iraq, the outgoing U.S. ambassador said on Monday.

Can somebody remind me again why we went to war in Iraq? If we're going to ally with Saddam's base of support to fight Al Qaeda who weren't even in Iraq when we went in?

I mean, you do have to admire the mental flexibility involved here in this strategery--it's a lot like the Republicans allying with the Greens to take out the Dems--but do you get the feeling that this idea is just too clever by half? And, especially, too clever for the Bush administration to carry out without botching it?

U.S. commanders in Anbar have been promoting the tribal alliance against al Qaeda as crucial to ending the violence.

"We have had discussions with various groups," Khalilzad said. "They have taken place, they are continuing to take place."

"I did not say we've talked to terrorists, we've talked to groups who have not participated in the political process who have ties to some insurgents who are reconcilable."


Um, is this one of those indications of progress I keep hearing so much about?

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It would've been a whole lot easier to make friends with a Sunni fighter before we killed his mother, grandmother, father, and his two sisters. Bush - get bent.

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"why did we go to war in the first place?"

Iraq has oil. US Economy is based on oil. USA can only buy oil with USD. Saddam started accepting Euros for payment instead of USD thus driving the value of the USD down by 20% in the year before the war. This pissed of the US administration..........hellfire rained........Iraq now pays for its oil with USD again (which is good because they can be printed easily at the US mint). In fact we brought 363 tons of newly printed money with us to Iraq.