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If the Atlantic Conveyor current has stopped, that would be bad

More good news!

UPDATE The link is to a YouTube claiming, on the basis of a paper by one "Gianluigi Zangari," that the Correxit used to "disperse" the oil from Deepwater Horizon caused the Gulf Loop to collapse, causing the Atlantic Conveyor to collapse, freezing Britain. I debunked this in comments at Avedon's place:
I'm really not sure on the sourcing for the loop current/Atlantic Conveyor thing.

The PDF of Zangari's paper is riddled with errors*, a search on "Zangari" at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati doesn't come up with anything, and I'd expect a Google search on a scholar's name to have some cited papers at the top of the search. So...

* "The Gulf Stream importance in the global climate thermoregulation processes is well assessed" is like English, but it's not English.

NOTE And back to my reactions...

Well, actually, for us way the heck up here in Zone 5b, it's good news, if the UK's loss is our gain. I know that climate's not weather, but this is the second winter where the cold's been south of us. It's like the cold comes in from the west, swoops over Montana and Michigan and upstate New York, and then encounters some kinda mysterious obstacle -- like a warmer North Atlantic from melting ice caps and the current the UK used to get -- and gives us a miss.

It's an ill climate collapse that, and so on.


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or, in spite of their protestations to the contrary, they really are alarmists and sensationalists. please excuse my excess of bile, but the anti-science and non-science [nonsense pun intended] out there drives me nuts.

the gulf loop current is not "broken" -- it regularly "breaks off" eddies that wander around in the gulf of mexico, and we have known about this phenomenon for ages.

just a couple of random examples... here's a paper [the abstract anyway] analyzing the paths of these eddies from 1985-1995. here's another paper, using 1996 satellite data, with illustrations of how eddies form, that is about sperm whales in the gulf of mexico [the loop current and eddies affect the distribution of the whales' food].

so, NO, this 'broken' loop current is not some recent, new, scary development.

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ignorance of obscure scientific knowledge [nobody outside of some ocenographers, those whose businesses are affected by these currents, and those of us who are waaaay too nerdy in our hurricane-watching knows or cares about loop current eddies. which is entirely forgiveable.

but for somebody like that dude to go off half-cocked, without any basic factchecking whatsoever, just trying to scare people [or get attention for his blogging] is irresponsible and infuriating.

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Don't worry. I'll do something stoopid in the next fifteen minutes so it all evens out.

Hippy hoolidays, brain.