If you have "no place to go," come here!

If AOL is finally getting it, can the pushback from citizens be far behind?

This post was front-paged on on that MCM organ:


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All like this. Millions of stories. Could be mine! Was the story of others I know.

A savvy business woman, I spent countless hours writing President Obama, the governor, state senators and congressmen. Unemployment benefits were stopped for all of us who have been unemployed for over two years in June, 2010, and since that time I have had no income whatsoever, with the exception of food stamps. I experienced eight days without electric and water two months ago, something no American ever expects, in this free country that aids so many third-world countries in the same predicament. The government has yet to respond on provisions for "Tier 5" citizens. My e-mails and letters remain unanswered to this day. I suspect they have all given up on us and know within months we too will disappear. Without power, we will lose our voice. One senator did respond, only to advise me that I should find a church to help me. I called every one of them in my home city. I left no stone unturned. But that did no good. The non-profits and charities I reached out to openly discriminate against women like me, because I'm too young, I'm not pregnant, I don't have children, and ironically, because I am unemployed. I have become a despicable beggar.

Yeppers. Go die!

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We have the power, it's the lack of voices that is holding us back. I'm trying to get to an answer for this, but the corporate control of this country is a tremendous roadblock, which is why this posting on AOL, of all places, is giving me hope. And really, what a moving piece, a cry from the heart, and truly representative, as you said, of all the millions suffering.