If you have "no place to go," come here!

I'd like to send this one out to Professor Krugman...

... in response to his "Comfort and Joy" post of today on the Senate health insurance reform bill (via Language Log). Of Republicans, Krugman writes:

In the past, there was a general understanding, a sort of implicit clause in the rules of American politics, that major parties would at least pretend to distance themselves from irrational extremists.* But those rules are no longer operative. No, Virginia, at this point there is no sanity clause**.

And thence to the fiscal scolds to the always over-emotional ("had their hearts set") left. Whatever. Back at ya, Professor, though with a slightly different spin. The Damned wish you a Merry Christmas!

Just saying.

NOTE * Extremists. You know, the kind of people who justify torture, or hand banksters trillions of dollars at the drop of a hat, or sell out women on abortion, or let a few tens of thousands die so the insurance companies have enough time to work out how to game the system again ... Fringe types. Loons.

UPDATE The lyrics, free form yet in so many ways so a propos:

Happy Talkin Captains' tutu's too tight
Means there'll be no more snookering you tonight
P just looks bemused to be on foreign Shores -
AH HA There ain't no Sanity Clause [x4]

Vanians got a visit from a guy named Drac
Says he's from the bloodbank wants his 10 pints back
Singers rather sickly when it rains it pours -
Oh no, there ain't no Sanity Clause [x4]

Did you expect that I would believe
the tale you told last Xmas eve
About the man that man is fat and round
Delivers gifts without a sound



Monty Oxy Moron's Mozart on natural gas
Always playing symphonies out of his ass
Pinch's about to get tied up with Las Vegas laws,
Oh No, there ain't no Sanity Clause

Ho Ho Ho etc

I especially like the part about "Happy Talkin Captains...."

UPDATE Did Krugman's copy editor take a buyout? Because Krugman's allusion is to Chico's line from A Night at the Opera, which reads "There ain't no Sanity Clause," and not, as Krugman would have it, "There is no sanity clause."

The Damned are, in other words, correct.

Again, strangely a propos, given the policy outcomes of the health insurance debate....

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