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I'd like reconciliation, too. Could we set up a commission?

Paul Rosenberg asks:

Jimmy Carter asked, "Why not the best?"  Why can't Obama--and all of us--ask, "Why not the truth?"  He wants bipartisanship?  Fine.  But why must bipartisanship require lies?  And not just individual ones, but the whole Orwellian package that makes truth-telling virtually impossible?  Why can't Obama simply and straightforwardly link the two together? Like this:

"We need to begin a new era of bipartisanship and truth."

What's wrong with that?

A great deal, if the Village is like Murder on the Orient Express, and they're all in on the crime.

In fact, that's really the simplest explanation I can think of. Who said the financial class were the only ones who know how to play Liar's Poker?

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from Caro's roundup-- The Ideology of No Ideology --

"... The ideology of no ideology is nifty. No matter how tilted in favor of powerful interests, it can be a deft way to keep touting policy agendas as common-sense pragmatism — virtuous enough to draw opposition only from ideologues.

Meanwhile, the end of ideology among policymakers is about as imminent as the end of history.

But — in sync with the ideology of no ideology — deference to corporate power isn’t ideological. And belief in the U.S. government’s prerogative to use military force anywhere in the world is a matter of credibility, not ideology.

Ideological assumptions gain power as they seem to disappear into the prevailing political scenery. ..."

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the Democratic party doesn't want to investigate torture for the same reason Cardinal Law did not want Father Shanely to go on trial, because it would expose their complicity. Shame, shame, shame!!!