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Ian sticks a fork in it

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The proverbial BBW has finished her set:

This entire generation, whether in media or power, is hopeless. A write off. Gutless, stupid and liars. They all need to go. And forgive me, that includes most of the high ranked bloggers, many of whom I consider my friends. Instead of being people who challenged power, who had the moral and intellectual integrity to speak from a place of principle, they have become apologists for the worst sort of craven sell-outs imaginable, constantly decided that if some group wins it’s ok to hurt other groups, including by taking away their rights.

The blogosphere I grew up in, is dead. And the hope that the Democrats would be enough better than the Republicans to fix America, well, that too is dead.

The waxy yellow buildup evinced by the primaries — whether by taking a dive or drinking in the powdered fruit drink — should have been a giveway. And, indeed, it was.

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and got page after page of porn links, so i assumed it was some obscure reference i'd never heard of [not that i'd ever heard of big beautiful woman, either].

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also, i'd never seen the abbreviation before you used it here. obviously i need to get out more.

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That it is a riff on the ample soprano has finished the last aria.

This is what happens when people believe they are being reasonable by exchanging principles for "pragmatism", forgetting that the key ingredient to a truly pragmatic solution is that it works, i.e. there is a benefit for the majority.

When people drag out the old "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good", it means they have sold out and don't want anyone to notice. It is a cold, hard fact that you cannot get what you don't ask for in negotiations.

The real problem is the mass of the "leadership" got conned and don't want to admit it. They failed to do their homework, and believed that the facade was real. They invested in the "sure winner", and only later noticed the paint flaking off the horse's wooden leg.

It happens. Activists decide that the best route to success is being a player on the inside, and they ignore the price of admission.

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FDR was a pragmatist. He tried everything and dumped what didn't work, and kept what did, The truth is that single payer is the pragmatic solution - it works. The "American solution" isn't pragmatic, it doesn't work.

There are all kinds of things I would love to grow around my little house, but I can't because the conditions aren't right, so I plant the things that will grow, That is being pragmatic.

Planting lilacs on the northern Gulf Coast is not pragmatic, it will not end well, so I'm stuck with wisteria.

Giving up isn't pragmatic, it is lazy, Selling out because it is hard, isn't pragmatic, it is cowardly.

I wouldn't have minded half a loaf, but we didn't even get the heel.

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It is a cold, hard fact that you cannot get what you don't ask for in negotiations.

i am constantly amazed by the number of people who don't seem to realize this. unfortunately for the rest of us, they all seem to be among the self-identified 'progressives'.